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Tesco is the number one retailer in the UK.

With some 48 million consumers shopping at Tesco every week, there is no better place to engage with your target market and put your brand in their hands.

The Taste at Tesco service is designed to facilitate this process and maximise results. Choose from ‘in aisle’ through to ‘car park’ across over 3,000 stores. The possibilities are endless!

Scroll down to learn more about the Taste at Tesco service and the wonderful activation opportunities for your brand.

Taste at Tesco

Taste at Tesco is the new sampling and experiential service for in-store and car park activity at Tesco stores.

Every facet has been engineered to enhance shopper engagement and connect your brand with your target market. The key features include Tesco-accredited brand ambassadors, new sampling and demonstration stands, free campaign concepts and advice.

This website is a repository of information. Here you can explore marketing opportunities, obtain information on rates, create a quotation, propose and track campaigns, view reports and more.

Over time, we’ll be adding more case studies and gallery images, so visit regularly and see if we can spark your imagination!


In-store In Aisle

There’s no better place to sample food than in aisle at Tesco. With a range of brandable stands and demonstration units at your disposal, our brand ambassadors can sample anything from beef-burgers to ice-cream, lattes to lager. And letting your target consumer try before they buy means they’re all the more likely to purchase from the nearby shelves.

Sampling is perfect for promoting new products or re-invigorate existing lines. It’s also a great way to switch shoppers from competitors’ brands to yours, especially when combined with strong point of sale and price promotion.


Foyer & Event Sites

Want to make a bigger splash? Need more room to express your brand and get close to your target shopper? Consider Foyer and Event Sites for your next brand activation.

With up to 3m x 3m at your disposal, the Foyer gives you room to install your own set under cover in the area of the store with the highest footfall. Shoppers funnel through this point on entry and exit, maximising your opportunity to engage. With Foyers you can create an expansive activation without the cost of an outdoor rig, while staying close to the point of purchase.

For very special events, some major stores have prime retail space set aside known as Event Sites, reserved for activity that will really enhance the shopper’s experience.


Tesco Colleague Engagement

Enhance the impact of your campaign by sampling direct to Tesco colleagues. Who better to be a brand advocate for your product brand? We’ll spend an hour in the staff break area before we hit the shop floor, encouraging Tesco colleagues to engage with your brand.

We could even get creative and enrich the colleague experience with exclusive competitions, giveaways, digital interactions or social media elements. The sky’s the limit!


Store Car Parks

For the ultimate in retail experiential space, look no further than the store car park. Here you can create a personalised experience for the Tesco shopper that engages and entertains.

From sampling trailers to snow domes from coffee stations to spacemen, the car park offers a unique opportunity to disrupt existing buying behaviour.

Drive footfall to fixture with coupons or gift with purchase, and take advantage of daily footfall in excess of 10,000 shoppers.

Need help planning your next Tesco car park roadshow? Contact the team for advice on budget and activity optimisation. They’ll help you make it out of this world.


Head Office

Head Office events provide the perfect platform to get your products and key marketing messages in front of Tesco buyers. Often a precursor to a Taste at Tesco campaign, there’s no better way to show your Tesco buyer what your activation will look like when it goes live at the store.

The opportunity to showcase your brand and products is available at various internal and external locations at Tesco’s Welwyn Garden City head offices. The Taste at Tesco team can help you choose the best location and make the most of your event.